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Japanese Fabrics


So I am sightly obsessed with Japanese fabrics. Am I a little behind the bandwagon? Maybe. But really, can you ever be too late to adore the absolute cuteness of the tiny patterns of everything from Russian dolls to cars and trucks (like that above)?  What’s not to love? I guess with my amigurumi craze, and my love of sticky rice and green tea, it was only a matter of time before these stole my heart. Right now my favorite source site to drool over is, which is the source of the picture above.

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Illustration Friday: Frozen

Frozen for IF

When I read a book, some of my favorite parts are the meals. I love long, detailed descriptions of what my favorite character is eating. Even if it makes me need a snack halfway through the chapter.

Illustration Friday’s topic this week is “Frozen”.

As Elmreth tastes her bubbling pot of wild mushrooms and sweet onions, flavored with secret warming herbs; we can imagine the brave hero who lies cold and near death in the snow behind her. His skin a pale blue, his fingers clenched stiff, his cracked lips waiting for a life-giving taste… but not until it’s just right. A little more tarragon perhaps?