FREE! Chewbacca Amigurumi Pattern

I’ve been meaning to post an Amigurumi pattern for a while now… but I never remember to write them down as I go.

No idea how I made this guy.

Yoda head key chain… Umm, make a circle and add some ears?

Now though, FINALLY, I have a pattern for you all. And it is the most difficult Ami I have made yet. Mostly because of the yarn used. The stuff makes it impossible to see your stitches! But SO worth it! Don’t worry if you make any minor mistakes either. Fuzz covers a multitude of wrongs.

So here he is! And below is how to make him!

Chewbacca Amigurumi Instructions

*Note, PLEASE do not reproduce without emailing me first at and crediting this blog. Please make only for gifting or personal use and do not sell pattern or actual finished toy. Chewbacca is the property of Lucas Film Inc. (or whatever all the Star Wars stuff is property of,) and is made as a fan homage only and not for any profit.*

Materials: One Skein Brown VERY long fur yarn. I found some crazy stuff at Hobby Lobby. Size 3 or 4 hook. Two black safety eyes and one triangle safety nose. Yarn needle. One piece each brown, black, and gray felt. Black embroidery thread. Two buttons. Embroidery needle.

Head and Body

(When you start this you’ll want to keep it inside out to avoid the fuzz and see what you’re doing. When you get down to step 7 or 8 you’ll want to add the eyes and nose. Make sure you groom everything around his eye area to look Wookieish before fastening in the eyes. Then you can turn it right side out and stuff as you go.)

1: Single Crochet (SC) 5 into a magic ring.

2: Single Crochet 2 into 1, [(2SC) 1] 5 times. You should have 10 stitches.

3: (SC) 1 then (2SC) 1, 5 times. 15 stitches.

4: (SC) 1 around. 15 stitches.

5: (SC) 2 (2SC) 1, 5 times. 20 stitches.

6: (SC) 3 (2SC) 1, 5 times. 25 stitches.

7: (SC) 1 around. 25 stitches.

8: (SC) 4 (2SC) 1, 5 times. 30 stitches.

9: (SC) 1 around, for 4 rows of 30 each.

10: (SC) 4 and stitch 2 together (2Tg) into 20 stitches.

11: (SC) around for 2 rows of 20 each.

12: (SC) 4 (2SC) 1, 5 times.

13: (SC) 4 (2SC) 1, 5 times. 30 stitches.

14: (SC) 6 (2SC) 1, 5 times. 35 stitches.

15: (SC) 5 (2Tg), 5 times.

16: Finish stuffing.

17: (2Tg) till the bottom is flattened off.

18: Fasten off. Weave end into body.

Arms and Legs

(For the arms and legs you’ll need to do most of it right side out and stuff as you go. I find the best way to avoid the fuzz is to stick a finger in the middle and crochet around it.)


1: (SC) 3 into a magic ring.

2: (2SC) around. You’ll have 6 stitches.

3: (2SC) around. 12 stitches.

4: (SC) around till 3 3/4 in. long or till it looks long enough to you. Just make sure you make both legs equal.

5: End off.

6: Make 2.

7: Use yarn needle to sew to body.


1: (SC) 5 in magic ring.

2: (2SC) 1 (SC) 1, into 5. 8 stitches.

3: (SC) around till same length as legs.

4: End off.

5: Make 2.

6: Use yarn needle to sew to body.

Wookie Man Bag.

1: Cut 1 long thin strip of black felt, measuring around the body over the left shoulder and under the right arm.

2: Cut enough gray rectangles to space around the black strip as pictured. Sew through middle of each onto black strip.

3: Fold a piece of brown cloth up a third and cut a wide oval. Fold top down and blanket stitch sides together. (See picture.)

4: Sew one end of black strip to brown bag.

5: Sew one button to the front of the bag and one on the back corner opposite the black strip. Cut a button hole in the front of the bag flap and in the end of the black strip.

6: Button the bag closed and button the bag onto Chewbacca.

7: Don’t call it a purse. Unless you want to feel Wookie wrath.

8 responses to “FREE! Chewbacca Amigurumi Pattern

  1. Oh my Goodness that is the CUTEST Chewbacca I have EVER SEEN!

  2. Thanks! He was worth the effort.

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  5. Brenda Mikashus

    He is the best Chewie I have ever seen. I’m definitely going this afternoon to get the yarn and start him. I will send you a picture once he’s completed.

  6. This looks great ! I am looking for the right yarn , I have to buy all my yarn online as we don’t have any great yarn stores where I live ! And the ones we do have limited basic stock ! So I will send you a picture as soon as I’ve found it and given it a try ? I have yoda down now and my friend made me a Jabba the Hut . So I’ll muffle in with the rest but this is fantastic , and thanks for the pattern . There were some great ones but they were soon bought up and are selling for the price of a starwars figure ? Anyway well done , loving your amigurumi ,


  7. I meant to say muddle ! I hate when this darn thing changes what you say !

  8. Is the best Chewbacca Amigurumi I have ever seen. I don´t think it could be better. Congratulations

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