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So this is Thankgiving, when we traditionally take a moment to think about what we’re thankful for. And usually, we can come up with quite a lot. Basically, look around the room and you can come up with a list of things, things that we may take for granted or that we may even remember to be thankful for every day.

But recently, I decided to start using thankfulness a little bit differently. I was getting ready for a ladies’ event, when I heard running water in the other bathroom. Never a good sound. I rushed in to find the two-year-old wearing a full cow costume, washing her feet. In the sink. With the drain plugged. I did what anyone would do – went into full crisis mode and began running back and forth between that bathroom and the other one, grabbing as many towels as I could find. After getting the mess cleaned up and the toddler into dry clothes, I had just enough time to throw up my hair and slap on some lip gloss before my ride arrived and I ran out the door, leaving the kids with dad for the evening.

At that event, we were asked to write a list of things that we are thankful for, being that it is November and all, and I wrote down the usual – names of the kids and the husband, our house, stuff like that. Then I thought of what had happened just before I left the house and I smilingly wrote, “running water”. And then I thought of my cow-clad kid washing her feet and I wrote, “healthy kids” and “imagination”. I began thinking of things that I usually complain about and made a challenge out of finding what there was to be thankful for in them. Washing stacks of dishes, for instance. I wrote “Food” and “Dishes” – because a stack of dishes must mean we eat well and have something nice to eat off of. Oh! And there’s that running water again!

It’s not really a new concept, the book “Pollyanna”, which is one of my favorites, calls it, “The Glad Game.” And 1 Thessalonians 5:18 calls it, “In everything give thanks.” But basically I’m trying, when I find something that I am decidedly NOT thankful for at the get-go, to find what there is to be thankful for in it. I’m not always successful, I still sometimes (oftentimes?) go into crisis mode… But when I do remember to take a step back and be thankful, it makes a difference.

I know I’m not the only one, what’s your best #runningwater story?

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  1. What a great post! I have heard God tell me to “Look for beauty” and when I look for beauty in things and people that I do not at first find beautiful it changes my view of them and my attitude. Thanks for showing me another way to look for beauty:)

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