Why Epic?

One day I made my daughter a bowl of soup, and she said “I LOVE THIS SOUP! THIS SOUP IS BETTER THAN DESSERT!”

And that is what this blog is all about.

This quote says it beautifully-

“What is lovely about children is that they can make such a production, such a big deal, out of everything, or nothing. From my office I see many families walking down Boylston Street with their little children. The adults plod along, the children twirl, leap, skip, run now to this side and now to that, look for things to step or jump over or walk along or around, climb on anything that can be climbed. I never want to be where I cannot see it. All that energy and foolishness, all that curiosity, questions, talk, all those fierce passions, inconsolable sorrows, immoderate joys, seem to many a nuisance to be endured, if not a disease to be cured. To me they are a national asset, a treasure beyond price, more necessary to our health and our very survival than any oil or uranium or–name what you will.” – John Holt



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