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Being Thankful


So this is Thankgiving, when we traditionally take a moment to think about what we’re thankful for. And usually, we can come up with quite a lot. Basically, look around the room and you can come up with a list of things, things that we may take for granted or that we may even remember to be thankful for every day.

But recently, I decided to start using thankfulness a little bit differently. I was getting ready for a ladies’ event, when I heard running water in the other bathroom. Never a good sound. I rushed in to find the two-year-old wearing a full cow costume, washing her feet. In the sink. With the drain plugged. I did what anyone would do – went into full crisis mode and began running back and forth between that bathroom and the other one, grabbing as many towels as I could find. After getting the mess cleaned up and the toddler into dry clothes, I had just enough time to throw up my hair and slap on some lip gloss before my ride arrived and I ran out the door, leaving the kids with dad for the evening.

At that event, we were asked to write a list of things that we are thankful for, being that it is November and all, and I wrote down the usual – names of the kids and the husband, our house, stuff like that. Then I thought of what had happened just before I left the house and I smilingly wrote, “running water”. And then I thought of my cow-clad kid washing her feet and I wrote, “healthy kids” and “imagination”. I began thinking of things that I usually complain about and made a challenge out of finding what there was to be thankful for in them. Washing stacks of dishes, for instance. I wrote “Food” and “Dishes” – because a stack of dishes must mean we eat well and have something nice to eat off of. Oh! And there’s that running water again!

It’s not really a new concept, the book “Pollyanna”, which is one of my favorites, calls it, “The Glad Game.” And 1 Thessalonians 5:18 calls it, “In everything give thanks.” But basically I’m trying, when I find something that I am decidedly NOT thankful for at the get-go, to find what there is to be thankful for in it. I’m not always successful, I still sometimes (oftentimes?) go into crisis mode… But when I do remember to take a step back and be thankful, it makes a difference.

I know I’m not the only one, what’s your best #runningwater story?

Captain Sun!

Captain Sun

So this week is a review post!

I recently got sent a couple of really cool comic books to review, and I’m excited to share them with you! They are the “Captain Sun” comics, and as a former comic book geek and current mom of a superhero obsessed son, I can highly recommend them.

First, my boy. While I love superheroes and comics in general, they can get scary, and with my four-year-old, that can translate into sleepless nights. Images stick. Also, he can get as fixated on the commercial image of Batman as my girls can on Disney Princesses. Second, as a mom of four girls, females portrayed in comic books aren’t known for having normal bodies or modest attire. 

Enter Captain Sun, the books do have dangerous circumstances in them, but the second book is all about dealing with fear. The lesson bits are done as outtakes at the end of each chapter, which I was wondering if my kids would get anything out of, attention-span-wise.  However, after we read the book, my daughter was singing songs in the car as it got dark about not being afraid. Win.

After reading the first book, my son brought me a cape and an assortment of other superhero dress up things and I asked, “Oh, are you going to be Batman?” “No.”, he replied. “I’m a new hero. If he can make up a new guy, then I can make one up too.” Referring to Bryce Morgan, creator of the Captain Sun series.

The female member of Captain Sun’s team “Fog” (who my girls inform me is “awesome”) is not over-done, and I would love to see more of her in the series. The female reporter in the second book has a normal figure and wears a pair of pants and a turtleneck.

So these books taught my kids about dealing with fear, inspired them to be more creative, and had positive female characters. They also gave us a fun way to share comics together, while learning important lessons. I would fully recommend Captain Sun to everyone and look forward to seeing more of them!


Check out Captain Sun!



Japanese Fabrics


So I am sightly obsessed with Japanese fabrics. Am I a little behind the bandwagon? Maybe. But really, can you ever be too late to adore the absolute cuteness of the tiny patterns of everything from Russian dolls to cars and trucks (like that above)?  What’s not to love? I guess with my amigurumi craze, and my love of sticky rice and green tea, it was only a matter of time before these stole my heart. Right now my favorite source site to drool over is, which is the source of the picture above.

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